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“Osinachi Sang for me about 3 times and she never told me she had a problem”.- Uma Upkai



Rev. Uma Ukpai, President of the Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association Incorporated, said on Saturday that Osinachi Nwachukwu sang for him three times but did not open up about her situation or the domestic violence that led to her death.

Ukpai stated this in an interview with journalists ahead of his special Easter evangelism session at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja’s Guzape District.

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In response to the death of the late gospel singer, who died as a result of alleged domestic violence by her husband, Ukpai urged Nigerians not to blame the church.

He claimed that if the late singer had spoken out about her situation, the incident could have been avoided.

Ukpai said the deceased acted like someone who had no one to help her.

He said, “The girl that died sang for me about three times and she never told me she had a problem. As someone popular, if a man was molesting her, she should have raised her voice and attracted help. People like me, I am ready to help her to confront the man.

“I once lost a sister through maltreatment by her husband. I cried and I promised myself that I will not allow another woman to go through that pain. If she had told us, we would have fought for her.

“She acted like someone that has no one to help her. Information is all what we need and we would have confronted him but I know God is already fighting for her.”

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