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Sallah; See what this woman did to her family Over RAM.



A dissatisfied Nigerian man has complained about his wife’s nagging during Sallah.

The dad criticized his failure to purchase a Sallah ram this year, as well as his wife’s refusal to cook for their children or speak with him.

Over the past 12 years, the man, whose identity has not been revealed, had an unbroken habit of purchasing a ram for each Eid celebration.

However, because to financial concerns, such as rising debt and children’s education, he was unable to maintain this ritual in 2023.

The tale was shared on Twitter by a public figure named Abdullahi Misilli, who attributed it to journalist Lawan Bukar Maigana.

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The man voiced unhappiness in his wife’s lack of sympathy and assistance during this trying time while remaining anonymous.

He stated that his wife’s actions revealed her lack of affection for him even though he had 100,000 Nigerian Naira in his possession and that she had never supported him in times of difficulty.

While keeping anonymous, the man expressed his dissatisfaction with his wife’s lack of sympathy and aid during this difficult period.

He claimed that his wife’s actions indicated her disdain for him, despite the fact that he had 100,000 Nigerian Naira in his possession, and that she had never assisted him in times of need.

Abdullahi wrote; “Yesterday, a married man, after listening to BBC Hausa news, told me that his wife has stopped talking to him and refused to cook for his children since the first day of Sallah because he didn’t buy a ram for her.

“Shortly, two of his children came and asked for money for breakfast. He got upset but I calmly calmed him down. He then gave them some money and they left.

“He explained to me that he’s been married for nearly 12 years and never passed Eid without sacrificing but he contemplated this year because he has a huge debt to pay coupled with the school fees of his children. Yet, all his wife wants was just a ram and she didn’t care what happens thereafter.

“I have 100k in my pocket. I would go buy a small ram for her but Allah knows that my wife doesn’t love me because she never supports nor helps me in difficult times.”

“The married man concluded that he would have divorced her long ago if not because of his children.

“I was just speechless!

“Some men are suffering in silence.”

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