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Unknown Gunman killed by Vigilante in Anambra.



An armed robber was killed while attempting to steal a keke napep in Anambra state.

He was apprehended by a vigilante group that did not spare him.

According to reports, the man and his gang members who have been terrorizing the area attempted to steal a keke napep.

While his gang members fled, he was apprehended.

According to a source quoted in the video shared by LatestNGnews, the gunman was later identified as Emma.

The source said: I was there life, the guy they burnt to death wanted to rub a Keke man by telling the Keke man to give him all the money he has which the Keke man refuse to do so, but the armed robber told him that he will shoot him if he didn’t comply the Keke man took courage and told him to shoot him and let him ( Keke man ) know whether he is from Enugu Ezike or not.

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Along the line ifite bakassi people was passing by which the guy wanted to run and took a bike but some crowd with the Keke man didn’t allow him to move because they have already cluster him along the line the bakassi guys reach there and took the guy away while beating him the next thing we saw is fire on his body.”

It was also reported that the robbers’ and security operatives’ colleagues exchanged fire, one of the security men was killed, one of the gunmen was killed, while another had charms that protected him from bullets and was captured by the security men, who set him ablaze, the incident occurred at Miracle Junction, Ifite-Awka, Anambra State.

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