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Make your countries appealing for investors, Dubai Afrozons participants urge African leaders. 




Some participants  of the Afrozons Dubai Soundoff event  , have  admonished African  leaders  to make their countries appealing  to the rest of the  world, assuring that they would  attract investors if they do so.  
Some of the participants  from   various  countries around the world who were thrilled  with  memorable  experience ,said, it was obvious  that  most African  leaders  have  visited  the  United  Arab Emirates (UAE) and saw that   good infrastructure are key for  development. 
They  therefore,  urged  the  leaders to emulate the  UAE government  and begin  to transform  their rich  natural  resources  to useful  ventures. 
Speaking  with The Guardian in an interview  after  the Afrobeat party in the desert, tagged, the “AfroZonsDXB Desert Party, an economist from Uganda, Dr. Mrs, Theofulous Sekito, said, ” the Afrozons is a good initiative,  Dubai is a very peaceful  place in the world. I have travelled to other  parts of the  country  but this is where i come, i can board any taxi, sleep in any hotel and  walk on any street and remain safe”.
 “I know most of our African  leaders have been here, so they know that  good infrastructure is  keys for development, so i urge  African to prioritise these things for the  purposes of development”
“You cannot  start from  the head, you need  to start from the root, so in this case, the root is the infrastructure,  the peace is  the trust and security  is the  guarantee “
She  explained  that development  is not just fixing  the roads, stating  that it is   broader.
According  to the economist, ” the first thing is to make African  a lovely  continent. When you love your country,  you protect it, you won’t do things like theft,  insecurity that can chase  away  investors  and visitors” 

Reeling  out her desert experience where the UAE  government  is raking  good funds from tourism,  she said, it is disturbing  that some African  countries  are endowed  with lots of natural  resources  but do not know how to make money  while in UAE,  the desert is converted  to money ventures.

Also, A Nigerian Taiwo Ola, described  the  location  for the AfroZons  as very  perfect saying it is more  central. 
“He said, ” I have met alot people from different  African  countries but  this is the  time for Africans  to be together  beacuse  we have seen that other people have positioned  us in a certain  corner and we have to do things differently  now to proof so many people wrong”

He described  his experience  in AfroZons Dubai Soundoff event  as inspiring, stating  that it has broadened  his thinking  and enterprenuerial  skills.

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