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“I’d Rather Be A Refugee Than Return Home” -A Nigerian living in Ukraine



Nnamdi Okafor, a Nigerian living in Ukraine, has stated his preference to become a refugee rather than return to Nigeria.

He stated this in a Friday interview with TheNiche Newspapers.

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Ukraine has turned into a battleground since Russia invaded the country more than a week ago.

Asked why he wasn’t taking advantage of the Federal Government’s evacuation flights to return home, he said, “What am I coming back to Nigeria to do? Has anything changed in our country?”

“For now, I am still in Ukraine. I used to live in the capital city, Kyiv, but I have moved to one of the border towns which is relatively safe presently.

“However, if the war reaches there, by the grace of God, I will flee to another country.” But if death is my fate, so be it. “I’d rather be here as a refugee than go back to Nigeria.”

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