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Sit-At-Home; Gunmen Kill 4,Burn Houses in Imo.



Sit-At-Home; Gunmen Kill 4,Burn Houses in Imo.

The Sit at home order by the Now Proscribed indigenous People of Biafra may have gotten some level of compliance.

Pictures and short video clips that surfaced on line showed some roads that appeared to be deserted.

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Recall that the sit at home order was given by the leaders of IPOB. According to them, they are using it to demand the unconditional release of their detained leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Sit-At-Home order in ABA.

In this Video (Posted below) obtained from Facebook, an eye witness narrates from his perspective, the level of compliance to the sit at home order in ABA, Abia State.

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Reports on social media also stated that member of the eastern Security Network ESN were on patrol in ABA to enforce the Sit-At-Home order. The report says that only people on Essential duties like Nurses and doctors were allowed to move.

Eyewitness Reports on the level of compliance to the sit at home order in aba.

Sit-At-Home Order in Imo.

Meanwhile in Imo state, reports shows that there may have been a partial compliance with the Sit-At-Home order.

Sources told Earthsound Reports that the Governor of imo state had mandated all of it’s employees to be at work on Monday. As a result, many civil servants in the state were said to have gone to work on the day.

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Videos available on line showed an area in Owerri, the capital of Imo state. In the video posted below, some level human and vehicular movement could be seen.

EyewiTness shows the level of compliance to the Sit-At-Home order in owrri, the imo state capital. Source: Facebook.

Sit-At-Home order in Orlu

Orlu, a town in Imo state has in recent times appeared to be a town notorious for IPOB activities.

The Sit-at-home order in Orlu may have gone differently. Earthsound has received reports of pockets of violence in some areas in Orlu.

According to a report on the Vanguard, unknown gunmen opened fire in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State, primarily from the Banana junction to the Nkwito junction.

The incidence was said to have occurred at 13:30.

According to the report, it started when the unknown gunmen in their convoy were moving to some places within and outside the Orlu Local Government Area of the State, as a way of enforcing the sit at home order.

In the community of Isiala-Amadi, in Amaifeke, Orlu Local government Area in the State, the same armed men were also claimed to have burnt a house.

in a similar vein the government moved to Mbaise axis, we are the we are set to have burnt two buses.

While some buses were asked to forced to return back to Owerri. But some persons were said to have been killed by the unknown gunmen.

Parts of the report reads “Two persons inside one of the buses were burnt to dead and a passenger was shot dead and a driver of one of the buses was killed”.

This incident happened this early morning and as I am talking to you now no movement, not even a bus. People are in their houses now.”

“We are living in fears now, these unknown gunmen are given us trouble is this how we will get this thing that we are looking for.”

Bus Burnt down in Imo State. Source; Facebook.

Sit-At-Home; Gunshots fired in Orlu

Reports say that several gunshots were fired in Orlu. It is not clear if the gunshot were from the security agencies or from unknown gunmen men.

See video.

Gunshots Fired in Orlu,imo state.

We will give more updates as they unfold. In the meantime, you can be our eyewitness. If you live within the area being discussed, feel free to tell what’s going on in your area via the comment button.