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“Dialogue with Bandits won’t work” – Senator Shehu Sani.



Shehu Sani, a former Kaduna Central Senator, highlighted reasons why state governors and the federal government cannot talk to criminals on Sunday.

Sani stated that bandits are not like Boko Haram or ISWAP, which slaughter people in the name of religion.

He defined bandits as an armed group with a religious, ethnic, or political objective.

He stated that bandits do not have a single commander and instead work in groups and as criminal gangs.

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Tweeting, the sociopolitical commentator wrote: “Dialogue with bandits will not work because of these three reasons; they are not an armed movement founded for the pursuit of any religious, ethnic or political causes, other than extortion by atrocious blackmail, abductions and cold-blooded murder of innocent citizens.

“Two, they are not united under a single leadership but operate in clusters and criminal gangs; three, their motivation is money; they kill and abduct for money.

“Bandits are unlike Iswap and Boko elements whose acts of abduction, terrorist attacks and slaughter of innocent citizens is done under the guise of religion.

“Dialogue with Bandits is a waste of time. Those governors who tried it later regretted it.”