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Cubuna Burial; “There’s Need for Nigerians to get rid of Culture of Costly Burials”-Reno Omokri



Reno Omokri.

Previous Presidential representative, Reno Omokri has expressed that there is need for Nigerians to get rid of culture of costly entombments for the dead.

Omokri in a video he shared on Instagram, described how Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah was buried in a plain grave despite the fact that he was probably the most well off man on the planet at the hour of his passing.

Reno who is popular for dishing out controversial tweets additionally communicated his profound respect for Islam. He said that the religion’s conviction of people being equivalent upon entering the world and in death ought to be duplicated.

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He proceeded to say that he isn’t talking from a position of desire following all that has occurred over the most recent couple of days, yet from a position of adoration as he is likewise fruitful. Omokri further noticed that culture ought to be dynamic and not static.

See the video posted by Reno on his Instagram handle.

Reno Speaks to Africans on their Burial Culture.

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“Don’t judge your success based on your salary or job title.” – Reno Omokri

In a similar development, Reno Omokri also advised Nigerian youths to be men of impact. He advised people not to Judge their success on their salaries or Job title, but on their level of impact.

Controversial Reno used popular musician as an example, he narrated how the News of DavidO’s arrival on the “Cubana Burial” was announced as a headline while many others’ arrival didn’t make headline.

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In his words, “Don’t judge your success based on your salary or job title. Judge your success by the impact you have on your generation. Davido attended Obi Cubana’s mum’s funeral. The next day the media reported ‘Davido And Other Celebrities Attend Obi Cubana’s Event’. That is IMPACT! IMPACT is more than money or title, because it enables you influence yourself generation.”

The former presidential spokesman and #freeleahsharibu advocate said that “men of impact” can influence their community and their city.

He said “When you develop yourself to have impact, you can influence the direction your community, state and nation thinks, acts and behaves. Look at you all using the slang ‘e choke’. If the MD of Chevron, Shell or Mobil used it, you wont use it. You all use it because Davido used it. You see, IMPACT! You can ignore a person you love. But you can’t ignore a person with IMPACT.

Reno’s Post as seen on his verified Facebook page.

“Giving your parents food to eat while they are alive is one million times better than giving strangers food to eat after they die!”- Reno Omokri.

Did you just say Reno again? Maybe you also see him as a controversial person. But this particular state from Reno got so many peoe talking on Facebook.

In one of his #Renonuggets, the internal Traveller asked youths to hustle for the right reasons.

According to him, hustling to give ones late parent a “talk of the town burial” can’t be a right reason to hustle.

He said “ hustle. Work hard. Then work smart. Do everything legally possible to make a success of yourself. Not because you want to give your parents a talk of the town burial, but because you want to give them a talk of the town life. When they die, they can’t enjoy your success. Isaac did not bless Jacob because he gave him a good burial. He blessed him because he gave him food to eat-Genesis 27:25-30. Giving your parents food to eat while they are alive is one million times better than giving strangers food to eat after they die!

This particular post got so many comments on Facebook. While some supported him, many others seemed in deferent.

Ecoman Obinna wrote “Some people will still get this straightforward post twisted and confused. I don’t think it is specifically referring to the talk-of-the-town burial. You have said well sir. Sometimes burial ceremonies in Igboland get to a point where you can’t tell what is actually being celebrated, whether it’s death or life.Celebrate and make people happy when they are alive, not when they are gone.

Chisom Umeh wrote “Reno, the talker. Give ur motivational speeches to doz wey dey seek am, it ain’t for people like me. Ur own na so so talk, no action. Obi Cubana mama burial choke u shaa, eiyaa, kpele. If u neva get doings reach Mama Cubana burial doings, u are still a #learner”

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Ubochi Elijah wrote “Must we talk about everything
Why is it that we don’t mind our business in Nigeria
By the way who told Reno omokri that Obi cubana didn’t give his mother a befiiting life
For ur information,Obi Cubana is just enjoying the life he touched through his practical business strategies and not unimaginable principles and motivational quotes devoid of practical content

Divine Uwaoma wrote “I really really want to believe that u re trying to debunk wrong ideologies or perception some young people might be getting from this burial ceremony bcuz I know say obi cubana’s parents enjoyed his wealth to d fullest My take on this take care of ur parents to d degree of God’s blessings upon ur life and give them a befitting burial according to ur level”

Elijah Chukwuemeka Wrote “Now ur have jump from government matter to individual lifestyle …..When ur and ur Boss Jonathan was spending public funds without putting Things together …Yet ur don’t quote scripture to Jonathan “.

Vince Odom wrote “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what you have said. However, timing is always important when passing a message. You didn’t name names but one would think this is coming because of what happened in Oba yesterday. Obviously Obi Cubana took very good care of his mother to the admiration of all. We must not criticize everything.”