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Obicobana; 2 things Kanayo O. Kanayo Said to the Youths Will Shock You.



Whether you call him Obicobana, or Obicubana, the name would always ring a bell. Today is Sunday, 18th July, 2021 and the Name Obi Cubana is still trending on the social media space in Nigeria.

There was a luxurious showcase of wealth in Oba, Anambra State, on Friday 16th July, 2021, when the superstar bar man, Obi Cubana, buried his late mom in fabulous style.

Famous people, finance managers and lawmakers turned out in enormous numbers for the memorial service. This was even as gigantic measures of money were ‘showered’ at the occasion, notwithstanding a few presents he had got before the occasion, including cows, staple and beverages.

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What Kanayo Said in respect to Obicobana

Anayo Modestus Onyekwere  (popularly known as Kanayo O Kanayo) is a Nigerian actor and lawyer.

The Mbaise born actor is became famous after taking some controversial roles in Nigerian movies. He was thrown into the lame light after acting as a ritualist in a movie titled Blood money.

Kanayo is currently a United Nations ambassador and bears the title of MFR.

Kanayo was among various Nigerians honored by the government in 2014 during the centenary celebration being one the Famous entertainers at the event took to social media to express his feeling about the event.

The actor, in a viral video, was seen with bundles of cash as he sprayed money at the much talked about burial. Alongside fellow Nigerian Actor Alex, Kanayo O. Kanayo displayed a large bundle in cash in his hotel room in Asaba. However, no one would be able to say for sure if he spared the entire cash at the event or he took some of the cash back.

However, his videos have since been criticised by Nigerians online who asked the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to take note as they questioned the source of his income and others present at the burial.

Some even described the spraying of Naira notes as a bad choice, adding that the money could be given to the poor.

Obicobana; Pastor Criticizes Naira rain at the #Obicobana Burial

People including a Nigerian pastor have heavily criticized the show of cash at the event. In a video that trended online, A popular Nigeria Pastor was seen talking down on the display of cash during the Oba burial. According to him, it was stupidity and a public display of ignorance to spread that amount of cash on a road that is not even well tarred. In his words, ‘Yeye de smell’.

However the pastor had released another video where he appeared to have withdrawn the words he used in the first video. He noted that obicobana was his inlaw and he couldn’t have been saying those words about a group of people who gave him a wife.

However, Kanayo , reacting in a new video on his Instagram page, asked those calling for EFCC to start hustling.

In what looks like a hilarious video and funny funny advice, “Blood Money actor” asked asked men to hustle for money until their source of Wealth becomes suspicious.

He said, “ Start to hustle, make EFCC no come your compound, pack everybody and leave you alone.”

Start to hustle, make EFCC no come your compound, pack everybody and leave you alone.”[Instagram]

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Obicobana; “My mum’s burial will make some people hungry to die”– Obi Iyiegbu

Meanwhile Obi Iyiegbu, otherwise known as Obi Cubana, has asserted that the lavishness with which he covered his late mother, will “make individuals hungry for death”.

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Communist, Pretty Mike, has now asserted Obi Cubana had been planning the internment service for his mom for quite a while.

By means of his Insta stories, Pretty Mike expressed, “I remember when Obi’s wife’s father died some months back. We came for the burial. It was nothing short of a carnival. I asked him so why wait till July to bury your mum. He said let’s keep her on ice for now. She has to go out gloriously, she deserves it. I said bros stop being humble. He replied “after my mama burial ceremony, to die go dey hungry some people… Today I understand.”

Pretty Mike’s Post as seen on Instagram.

“We didnt Plan for 5% of What happened during my Mum’s Burial” – Obicobana

The highly celebrated bar man has come out to tell the world that most of the things that was seen during the burial of his mom were not planned for. Obicobana in an exclusive interview with the BBC told the world that it was his friends efforts that made the burial of his late mom to appear as glamorous as it did.

Obicobana told the world not to think that it was his money that were being spent during the burial.

Meanwhile a document had appeared on the internet showing the names of people who were said to have donated money for the event. Some of the names that appeared on the list include

1 Obi Obi ( Ukwuoma kpolu Ozubulu) 5,000,000

2.Quincy Nippon 1,000,000

3.Chief Val ONWUMELU. (Instigator PH) 500,000

4. Sir Justin 1,000,000

5. Harry (LJ resort hotel ASAba) 500,000

6. Prince uche Anazodo (champagne Vollereaux) 600,000.

7. Okpala okwy 500,000

8. Mighty mighty umuchu 1,000,000

9. Ekene New age 1,000,000

10.Sir Makuachukwu (Okeifeadigo) 1,000,000

11. High chief Osita Okammelu Osycappa 1,000,000

12. Chupez 1,000,000

Others are;

13. Abig Nwankwo foundation 5,000,000

14. Aranazunwa 500,000

15. IGWE 10 10 1,000,000

16. Don cleff 300,000

17. Akuezedon splendid furniture 500,000

18. Uzu okagbue 200,000

19. Abulito 600,000

20. Emeka Pointek 500,000

21. Senator Ifeanyi Ubah 1,000,00022. Nwakanwa 250,000

23. Obi Obi Adada 1,000,000

24. Hon. Chima Anyaso 500,000

25. Nike South 300,000

26. Osinachi TEKA 1,000,000

27. Inn Clothings Abuja 500,000

28.Okpoka Na Abba 500,000

29. Anonymous 500,000

30. Jeff CEO jeffDona Global 500,000


32. Chief samuel odinamadu (Ikeora 1 of Oba) 500,00033. Dillo (Infinity furniture abuja) 200,000

34. Barrister Harold Ekwerekwu 200,000

35. Chief Muokwue Ikechukwu. 200,000

36. Chief Donald Uzoeto (Nwa chinamaluoji Ozubulu) Oji Ozubulu 350,000

37. Flames 500,000

38. Zota Okafor 200,000

39. Nonso Ozoemena $1000

40. Okwy Oba ( Nwachinemelu) 500,000

41. Anonymous ( Onye nke anyi ) 300,000

42. Obi nwere ego na akpo ( CEO max b hotel 500,000

43. Ugo Dcasa 200,000

44. Chinedu Akajiobi ( Akuamia Awka Etiti ) 500,000

45. Ochendo Ojoto 1,000,000

46. Celestine Emokai (Emcel) 500,000

47.Okosisi 1,000,000

48. Otika (Ezeugwumba Ojoto) 600,000

49. Chuchu Cubana 1,000,000

50. Obi of Orlu (Okosisi Na isu) 200,000

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