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Tinubu’s Running Mate; “We’ll Mobilise the people to reject your ticket if you Choose a Christian”-Aliyu Kaduna



Sheikh Ibrahim Aliyu Kaduna, an Islamic preacher, has issued a warning to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Bola Tinubu.

Aliyu Kaduna argued against Tinubu’s running mate being a northern Christian.

According to the Independent National Electoral Commission, presidential candidates and their political parties now have 48 hours to choose their running mates.

Aliyu Kaduna, a northern Islamic cleric, warned that if Tinubu’s running mate is a Christian from the region, the ruling party will lose the election.

The preacher also threatened to mobilize Muslims to vote against the APC candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

In a viral video, Sheikh Kaduna chastised northern governors for allegedly trading the fate of Muslims in the region for the money of a sick candidate.

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He said, “Northern governors, especially Muslims amongst you, are treacherous because you’ve sold our destiny; and God will punish you for that.

“You set aside a critical Islamic requirement because the first criterion for choosing a leader in Islam is that the person must be healthy and physically fit.”

“Now your second error will be to pair him [Tinubu] with a Christian from our region. This will be disastrous because we would mobilise the people to reject the ticket at the polling units,” he added.

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