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“How Nigerian Youths Discovered Peter Obi” – Pat Utomi



Professor Pat Utomi, a renowned political economist, has revealed how Nigerian youths discovered Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate.

Remember that youths have been leading a campaign for Obi to become Nigeria’s president for several months.

Utomi stated that dissatisfied Nigerian youths who are tired of the country’s terrible state discovered the Labour Party’s presidential candidate because they want someone who can save the country.

He stated that Nigerian youths have been fleeing the country in search of greener pastures abroad, but those who are unable to leave are those fighting for the nation’s progress by electing Obi to the presidency.

Professor Utomi made these points known in an exclusive interview with The Niche.

“The youths of Nigeria, fed up enough about the structure and the nature of Nigeria, seeing it denying them opportunity began to respond first by leaving the country – the so-called Japa phenomenon,” Utomi said.

The don also said the youth registered their first grievances against the government through #EndSARS protests staged to call for the termination of police brutality.

He continued, “Those who could were leaving. Many were dying in the deserts, just looking for opportunity anywhere outside of Nigeria.

“And then, some decided that it was time to fight back. And their first form of organisation to fight back was against police brutality – ENDSARS. And the state met them with brutality.

“And without their saying a lot, they then determined that they were going to go out and organise and use the political process to defeat those who were oppressing them, those who kept their knees on the necks of the generation next.

“So, out of nowhere sprang what has come to be known as the support groups. They somehow discovered Peter Obi from what he was saying and decided that he will be their vehicle.

“And that vehicle built its momentum. The momentum that that vehicle built was to say to the next generation there is hope; if you organise, you can stop agonising and get rid of these people who keep you down.”