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Naira ‘rains’ as Kanayo O Kanayo bags chieftaincy title in Imo (Video)



It is raining money in the Mbaise area of Imo State as Nollywood veteran, Kanayo O Kanayo, is celebrating his chieftaincy title in the town.

The actor went live on his Instagram page as he and his family moved in a procession in the streets of his hometown, at the ongoing event.

While the traditional musicians sang his praises, the actor and his family moved in a procession amid cheers from onlookers and residents.

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The actor had earlier announced the celebration of his chieftaincy title, ‘Ihe Mbaise Ji Ka Mba’, which would hold at his mansion in Mbaise town.

During the procession at the ceremony, a member of the entourage threw Naira notes in the air as onlookers scrambled to take hold of some of the cash.

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