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After S€× Tape Scandal, Oxlade signs deal with a foreign Label.



Oxlade, a Nigerian singer, has signed a new deal with Columbia Records UK, just weeks after his s3x tape was leaked online.

On Wednesday, February 9, Oxlade made headlines after a video of him having s3x with a lady went viral on the internet.

“I am conscious that my business is out in the public, and I am not the type of person to put my personal business out there,” the singer said in his apology.

The music star made the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday. “New beginnings. New blessings. Let the year begin,” he wrote.

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Columbia record also welcomed the singer to the “Columbia UK family.” “Welcoming Oxlade to the Columbia UK family,” a statement on their Twitter page read.

“Betrayals are very real and in the same token I want to apologize to the woman in the video, who did not deserve this type of exposure and lastly apologise to my fans out there.”

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