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See what this lover boy Tattooed on his body after his girlfriend left him.



Valentine 2022 came with so many juicy stories. Stories of heartbreak, truckload of flowers, break-ups, etc. The gifts seem not to be ending anytime soon.

After his lover allegedly deserted him, a heartbroken young guy tattooed a lengthy note on his body.
The young man inscribed a lengthy statement on his body after his fiancée broke up with him, describing how he had so many plans for love, according to reports.

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He also stated in the article that he would not forget her easily, but that as a result of what she has done, he does not believe he will ever love another girl.

”I got much plans to love you but never believe I will lose you so soon but can’t forget you in a hurry cos you make me discover my talent. you make me amarron the good boy can’t love again (fake Love)”, the tattoo read.

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