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“Poor leadership in Nigeria could get worse if. . .” Peter Obi.



Former Governor of Anambra State and Vice-Presidential candidate Peter Obi has lamented the country’s poor leadership.

In a speech to participants in course 4 of the strategic management and policy course at the Nigerian Army Resource Centre in Abuja, Obi stated that things will get worse if we do not put the right and committed people in charge of critical sectors’ affairs.

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The former Governor also stated that those in positions of power must commit to ensuring good governance and responsible management of public resources in the public interest.

Obi commented on pensioners being owed, saying that “owing people at the most difficult times when the opportunities are few is the worst thing you can do to them.”

Obi said;

“Public wealth enriches everybody, but private wealth impoverishes the people and the nation.

“Whether we agree or not, failure of leadership is taking a huge toll on us as a nation and it could be worse if we do not put the right and committed people in charge of the affairs of critical sectors.

“Education, health and provision of basic infrastructure were my main goals and I was able to record success because we planned our programmes using a  universally certified development formula.”