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2023;”Dont Waste Your time in Abuja, You cant win Without money”- Joe Igbokwe to Peter Obi.



Joe Igbokwe has responded to a statement attributed to Peter Obi, in which the former Anambra State Governor, who is running for the PDP’s presidential ticket in 2023, stated that he will not give money to PDP delegates ahead of the party’s presidential primary election.

Igbokwe, an APC chieftain, has implied that Peter Obi will be wasting his time at the PDP’s presidential primary election if he refuses to give money to delegates. Igbokwe also emphasized the significance of money in politics.

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Joe Igbokwe released the statement on his Facebook handle.He said: “Bro please do not go to waste your time in Abuja. Money is important in politics”. Igbokwe went on to quote Joe Kane, the campaign manager for Richard Nixon, who said “It takes three things to win elections: one is money, two is money and three is money”

It should be noted that during his visit to PDP delegates in Ondo State to seek their support for his presidential bid, Peter Obi stated that he was on a mission to stop the monetization of the political process and that he would not give money to delegates as other presidential aspirants do.

But the question remains, can anyone win primary elections in Nigeria without money? What would be the motivation of party delegates who waited for four years for a time like this?