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Why People Use Tobacco



Why do people use tobacco today? Does it give lasting satisfaction? Perhaps friends whom one admires have this habit, so smoking looks desirable. Sometimes people feel the need to do certain things they otherwise wouldn’t, just to be accepted. Is there an underlying feeling of insecurity that demands fulfillment? It would be good if everyone would seriously analyze these questions.

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Insecurities often cause a person to fill his time with activities that take the mind off the more important things of life. Sometimes habits are developed that give one the outward appearance of being in control. Nervous people often seem to need something in their hands to calm themselves. They become dependent on cigarettes, but find no lasting calmness.

Many young people are influenced to try cigarettes. Their friends may offer them a smoke. Advertisements show healthy, young adults using tobacco, giving the impression that this is the thing to do. Some may imitate parents who smoke. They feel that they can control their desire to smoke and are sure that they can quit at any time. Too late, they realize they cannot quit but are addicted to tobacco.

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