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Facebook user slams Nigerian youths for what he calls “being foolish”



Oseyomon Igohdaloh

A facebook user has taken to his Facebook page to criticize Nigerian youth for “paying attention to irrelevant things” See what he wrote;

“I come online and see young people argue about very unnecessary things

You put out these information that leads to nowhere and there are several blogs and pages like these scattered all over this blue app and Instagram

RantHQ, Instablog, content creators trying their hands out at being funny. All putting out very unintelligent, vacuous and vapid content, unconsciously aimed at further dulling the minds of fellow Nigerians.

We argue about religion; whose Papa is stronger, we argue and discuss Odumeje, Yahoo boys, thieving politicians and relationship matters but never about us changing the world

Around here we are more concerned with who is sleeping with who, husband and wife quarrels, big brother Naija and the ultimate of them all, marriage but never about new technology and how to advance out own race that os obviously disadvantaged

Inconsequential things are more dominant in our everyday discuss than issues around African and global concerns.

We discuss these things with so much passion and gusto yet one will wonder why we are the way we are, our counterparts across the divide discuss international politics and how it affects global economy, they discuss global solutions

The other day I saw a post about how many former Paypal employees have gone ahead to build unicorn companies (unicorns companies are companies that are valued above one billion dollars in tech circles) and they have been labeled the Paypal mafias and seen as the richest group of men in Silicon Valley.

Here we are more focused on divisive politics and mediocre squabbles and wranglings, when the world is grappling with more important issues.

See also President Buhari returns to Nigeria from UK.

The West is talking artificial intelligence, human existence in space, developing new geniuses through STEM, blockchain technology for solving problems and here we are talking about God who is obviously not interested in these base conversations that lead to nowhere.

There are tribes in the West that have gone ahead to use group economics to their advantage and promote their race thereby gaining superior advantage on all fronts.

One thing i have come to note about Africans and it’s youth is that we always think we have time.

There is no time!!

There is no time!!!

There is no time!!!

Stretch yourself, become uncomfortable with mediocrity and base thoughts.

Push yourself to the limit, find the information and knowledge that’ll give you an advantage in life

Refuse to be ordinary, and always remember your competition is not on Facebook but your counterparts living in saner climes with far more advantage


I pray and wish to see that day when we shall pursue excellence vigorously and make commitment towards collectively advancing our race .

But till then, may we always remember to stay hungry and stay foolish.”

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