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Listen! Who is That Calling You?-Is it an Enemy or a Friend? Part 1.



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Gospel of John 10:1-18

Have you ever heard someone calling your name and you did not know where the voice was coming from? Or maybe you could hardly hear the voice, because there was too much noise all around.

Listen, a voice is calling you. You!

Who are you? What is your name? Where did you come from? Where do you live? Where are you going?

You know the name of your village. Maybe you have never been anywhere else. But you know that your village is part of a big country, and the countries are all part of the big world.

The Bible

It was almost 6,000 years ago when the world was made. It was made by God. God has a book called the Bible, which tells how He made the world and how He made the first man and woman. God made man in His own likeness.

Ever since then children have been born. Ever since then people have died. Thousands and thousands of them have been born and have died.

You were born to your father and mother. But it is really God who made you. He made everything. Have you ever thought of how wonderfully God made everything and how He made you?

Your parents gave you a name. God knows your name. He knows every name, no matter what language it is. He knows everything. 

Because God made us, He knows all about us. He loves us because we belong to Him. He is our Father in Heaven, and He cares for us more than our own fathers and mothers do.

To be continued tomorrow.

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