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  1. He was raised by His Grandmother:
    Samuel Onyuku Elenwo, the first son of Chief Edward Onyuke Elenwo and Madam Omekele Elenwo of Okporowo-Ogbakiri in Rivers State, Nigeria, was born on December 7, 1933. His father, Chief Edward, was one of the founding fathers of Christianity in his hometown and a leader in his church, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Okporowo-Ogbakiri. In case you didn’t know, Samuel lost his mother at a very tender age and because o that, he was brought up by his grandmother, Madam Nwereoma Onyuku Elenwo.
  2. Many people may have known him to be a one time Bishop of a diocese, but certainly many may not know that Samuel Onyuku Elenwo was the pioneer Bishop of the Niger Delta North Diocese of the anglican church. He was crowned bishop on the May 16, 1996. Despite an attack by armed robbers in 1996 and an illness in 1998, Elenwo recovered from these afflictions to continue his tenure as bishop until his retirement on December 31, 1999.
  3. Elenwo established 147 districts and parishes. From two archdeaconries in Bonny and Port Harcourt, fourteen more were created. He was instrumental in creating three dioceses around Calabar. Initially the diocese had sixty-three clergy; Elenwo ordained 243 clergy. He recruited well informed and well trained clergy by encouraging many young graduates to join the Sacred Order.
    Altogether he spent forty-two years of his life serving God as a priest and bishop and as the radio pastor in Rivers State, Nigeria.
  4. In an article written by the anglican communion and published here, Elenwo was described a man of remarkable ingenuity and foresight who utilized the human and material resources at his disposal. He was said to be a strong leader who also gave everyone a sense of belonging in the affairs of the diocese. He explored all these ideas tirelessly in his pioneering role of nurturing the newly created diocese of Niger Delta North from its inauguration to the time of his retirement.
  5. Really? You don’t expect me to tell you everything about him. This fifth item about Samuel is very vital and as a result, it was hidden the a book that was written about him.
Hon. Engr. Emeka Woke. Chief of Staff to the Rivers State Government, present at the book lunch in 2018.

Many other persons were present at the book lunch, click here to see a photo story of a number of dignitaries present at the book lunch

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