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Before now, Nigerians had not really had the opportunity of driving vehicles specifically manufactured for Nigerian roads until the entrance of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Today, IVM is using the concept of regionalization in the production of its vehicles by making sure that it considers the Nigerian environment, local tastes and consumer preferences in Nigeria as well as African region during the production of its vehicles.

With the vehicle manufacturing plant located here in Nigeria, IVM ensures it gets feedback from the users of IVM in order to know their views on their IVM experience and through these feedbacks they seek better ways to improve their vehicles to meet the tastes and preferences of their customers.

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These are Six reasons why you should be using innoson vehicles: 

  1. You are a Nigerian it is no longer a new thing that countries encourage their citizens to patronize locally made products in order to boost their economy.  This is because it goes a long way in supporting the local manufacturers who are creating Jobs for the people living in the country. If you are a Nigerian and you patronize and use brands of vehicles that are not made in Nigeria, you must know that you have only succeeded in providing jobs for the people that live in those countries. In an article published by Bellafrica, many benefits of patronizing made in Nigeria products were listed.
  2. Fuel Efficiency

All Innoson IVM are highly fuel-efficient vehicles. Innoson vehicles brand of engines were specifically designed by its research engineers to consume less petrol/diesel and with an average fuel saving of between 10%-15% (according to IVM). IVM continually receives good feedback from their vehicle users who confessed that their Innoson vehicles do consume less fuel than other brands of foreign vehicles.

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3. Warranty.

All Innoson vehicles come with a 3 years engine, axles and gear warranty. Upon purchase of any vehicle from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd or any of its authorized dealers, IVM is committed to being by your side by providing prompt and quality after sales service to you no matter your location. As the first indigenous vehicle manufacturing company in Nigeria, it has a unique advantage in that vehicle spare parts are readily available. IVM meets the warranty needs of its users through;

4. Low/No Overheating

According to article written by Rod and published here, bad thermostat was fingered as one of the major causes of over heating in vehicles. In trying to win the war against vehicle overheating, IVM added some extra important features that will reduce the chances of their vehicles from overheating. These features include;

i. New Improved Thermostat: The newly improved IVM thermostat which sits between the engine and the radiator has a metal valve that has a temperature sensor built in. It can either be open or closed. When the thermostat is closed, it keeps the coolant in the engine. When the engine gets to a predetermined temperature, the thermostat opens allowing coolant to circulate. With this, the circulation of coolant prevents the engine from overheating.

ii. Double/ Triple Fan: Another unique feature that makes IVM vehicles to avoid overheating is its double/triple fans. In responding to the Nigerian hot environment, IVM built in additional fans to the AC condenser together with the one of the radiator. The AC condenser has two fans while the radiator has a big fan making it three set of fans. This unique feature is one of the reasons why IVM vehicles esp. its buses and SUV hardly overheat.

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