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“S€× is a powerful thing”; Bouqi



Bukola Folayan, also known as Bouqui, a popular Nigerian gospel musician, believes that nothing affects one’s destiny faster than s€×.

Bouqui made this submission while explaining why she is remaining celibate until she meets the right person for marriage.


The singer, who is based in the United States, revealed this in a recent Instagram live interview.

Bouqui turned 43 on February 18, 2022.said, “No matter how fast you run if you run in the wrong direction you are just going to end up in the wrong place faster. So that really made me realize that it is not what I do or don’t do that guarantees me access to God, it is because he loves me first so that started making me realise that I need to guard my energy.”

Continuing, she said, “this is not because of what people would say but because of where I am going because s€× is a powerful thing, nothing else affects your destiny directly like s€× because two have become one. It (s€×) has an energy you take on everything they have, they take on everything you have.”

It says two shall become one which means they have become one so if their destiny is negative and they are heading this negative way you are following them and that is why I made up my mind that you know what I am not going to do this for real till I find the right person and I get married to this person.”

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