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Climate Change;Wild fires Continue Europe.



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The effect of climate change is still being felt in the world, as wild fires Continue to ravage Europe.

On thursday, fires fuelled by hot winds surged over southern Italy, a day after a monitoring station in Sicily registered temperatures of 48.8 C, which some scientists say may be the highest in European history.

The record temperature, which has yet to be confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), was reported in Syracuse, in the southeast of the island of Sicily.

“If the data is authenticated, it might be the highest number ever recorded in Europe, breaking the previous record of 48 degrees reported in Athens on July 10, 1977,” meteorologist Manuel Mazzoleni stated on the specialist website

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Firefighters said on Twitter they had carried out more than 500 operations in Sicily and Calabria in the last 12 hours, employing five planes to try to douse the flames from above.

They said the situation was now “under control” on the island.

Local media reported that trees and land were burning in the Madonie mountains some 100 kilometres from the Sicilian capital of Palermo and in the small town of Linguaglossa, on the slopes of the Etna volcano.”Our small town was really invaded by fire. It is a catastrophe.…

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We are living through some really sad moments,” said Giovanna Licitra, who is from the village of Giarratana in the south of the island that was hit by fires on Wednesday.

He was one of two people killed by wildfires in Italy on Wednesday, bringing the total death toll this month to four. The other was a 30-year-old farmer who was crushed by his tractor while fighting a fire near Catania.

Last week, a mother and her nephew perished from smoke inhalation while attempting to rescue the family olive grove in Italy.

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