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Insecurity; INTERSOCIETY,Dr Mike Uyi Ask Security to Stop Arresting,killing innocent people in the south east of Nigeria.



Security agencies have been called out for allegedly arresting and labeling innocent Igbo youths as members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

 According to DailyPost, the human rights group, International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Intersociety) made the allegation on Monday. In a statement signed by its Board of Trustees Chairman, Mr Emeka Umeagbalasi, the indiscriminate arrest, torture and even extrajudicial killing is not only limited to Monday’s sit-at-home protest but has been on since the beginning of this year, just as it listed some names of victims of arrest and detention.

“We have received over 100 phone calls and messages from members of the public testifying in favour of the abducted and slain citizens.“Intersociety hereby calls on the Nigeria Police Force and Nigerian Army to immediately and unconditionally release all the citizens named above and desist from perpetration and perpetuation of such dastardly acts including frame-ups and trumped-up allegations or charges, spilling of innocent blood as a mark of gallantry, abductions and disappearances, extrajudicial killings and other forms of genocidal operations going on in the East.” The group titled the statement: Graphic Details of how soldiers, Police, others in the East hatefully/falsely label & abduct innocent citizens and spill their blood for gallantry.

“These have led to not less than 170 open killings, secret abduction and permanent disappearance or feared unlawful execution in the custody of no fewer than 550 and general arrest/abduction of not less than 2100.

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“The arrested/abducted are presently held in different open and secret dungeons located within and outside the East and among those outside the East are Makurdi Prisons in Benue State where over 300 were recently found to have been transferred and kept.

“Others are conventional and unconventional military, police and SSS detention facilities in Abuja, Niger State and other undisclosed locations in the North. They are also in Owerri, Awka, Port Harcourt and Abakiliki State CIDs and Prison or Correctional facilities such as Owerri Prisons holding over 130 including 107 remanded days ago.“Shockingly, in the past one week or Monday 24th to Sunday 30th May 2021, not less than 30 open and secret killings by soldiers and police have taken place with most taking place in Imo State where scores of corpses have been freshly traced to the mortuaries of the Government Medical Centers,” the statement read.

In a similar development, the President General, Global Peace Movement International UK, Dr Mike Uyi has said that the security forces have a duty to protect, not to attack, the population.

Metro Daily Ng reports that Uyi stated this on Tuesday reacting to the continues killing of innocence people in the south east of Nigeria.

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He said killing of any military personnel should certainly be condemned, but their deaths do not justify the slaughter of civilians.

“We have observed the desperate reckless engagement of the armed military against the armless Igbo population, which has resulted to the arbitrary arrest, torture and killings of civilians in the name of hunting for unknown gunmen”.

“This is unacceptable as scores of civilians are being killed on a daily basis yet the federal government and state governments have kept mute in the face of this unholy onslaught against the the people especially Igbos”.