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We Didn’t Kill Ahmed Gulak – IPOB



The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has denied responsibility for the death of former presidential aide and top member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Ahmed Gulak who was killed in Imo state.

The group said in a statement on Sunday by its spokesman Emma Powerful that accusing it of murdering Gulak is akin to blaming it when “terrorists in security uniform commit various atrocities in South East.”

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The police had said in a statement that they killed six IPOB members who carried out the attack and four other members of the gang.

But the IPOB said, “We, therefore, state without equivocations that IPOB knows nothing about the said assassination. In the first place, what threat did the late Gulak constitute to our cause to warrant his elimination? We had nothing in common with him and could not have in any way killed him.

“Pointing accusing fingers at IPOB for this barbaric act is only meant to divert attention away from the real masterminds. This is the same way terrorists in security uniform commit various atrocities in South East and turn around to blame IPOB for their crimes just to tarnish our global reputation.

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“Instead of the security agencies to properly investigate the incident and possible factors, they switched to accuse IPOB of a crime we know nothing about. Did IPOB have the itinerary of the late Gulak to have waylaid him at the airport?

“Before linking IPOB with the crime the jaundiced zoo security agencies should have first investigated Gulak’s host, Hope Uzodima, as well as his political opponents to establish their possible involvement.”

The group added that it is “only after the restoration of Biafra” and that “assassination of politicians is not part of our agenda.”

It also challenged the Presidency to “institute an independent panel of inquiry to investigate the incident and expose those behind this gruesome murder of an innocent man.”