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Husband Snatcher; Angel’s mother Mocks Maria.



Titi, the mother of BBNaija’s Angel, responds to famous Barman Cubana Chiefpriest’s accusation that former Big Brother Naija housemate Maria stole his sister’s husband.

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Maria was dragged online before the reality program ended for allegedly slut-shaming Angel.Despite Maria’s apology to Angel’s father, her mother took to Instagram to broadcast a video in which she imitated an unapologetic woman conversing with the wife of the man she’s sleeping with.

In an Instagram post, Cubana Chiefpriest said there is nothing better than family and urged spouses to stay alert since Maria is on her way.

According to the Cubana Chiefpriest, Maria snatched his sister’s husband and sent her threats on a regular basis. As a result, he pledged never to let such an act go unpunished, promising to go for Maria in Dubai.

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In a fresh tweet, Cubana Chiefpriest questioned Maria’s audacity in threatening a married woman with both male and female children for her husband.

Maria’s recent flaunting of cash, a Range Rover, and a wristwatch, according to Cubana Chiefpriest, was done to spite Cubana’s sister.

The celebrity Barman expressed dissatisfaction with her sister’s husband, claiming that no one had more side chicks than another. Nonetheless, they will make their spouses’ lives unpleasant to the point of contacting and threatening them.

In Video shared by lindaikeji on Instagram, Titi was seen in a sarcastic Video which she allegedly shared on her Instagram story.

See the video.

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