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Maria dragged Angel from Breaking some girls code in the House



More BBNaija updates are rolling in as the housemates are revealing their true selves as the day passes by.

In the recent diary session, the current head of house, Maria, dragged her fellow housemate, Angel, for breaking some girls’ code in the house.

Recall that since his entry into the Big Brother Naija house, Michael had been marked by Jackie B as her new love interest before her fall-out with Boma.

Even without confessing their feelings to each other officially, one could easily tell that they like each other and were forming an interesting bond. Maria, who has seen the bond between these two had also caught Angel trying to get too close to Michael, who everyone knew was interested in Jackie B.

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Maria Calls Out Angel for Breaking Girl CodeIn her diary session, Maria expressed her displeasure when watching Angel try to use her ‘power’ to persuade Michael.

To her, that was more than breaking the ‘girls’ code’. And talking to Biggie, she confessed that Angel is fond of trying to steal other girl’s men, despite seeing the marked territory, mentioning how she tried the same thing with Emmanuel, to support her claims.

Maria went on to say that she doesn’t like Angel, mostly because of her character, which makes her untrustworthy and disrespectful.

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In response, Biggie told Maria to let the parties involved handle their issues. And when Maria added that “boys will be boys”, Biggie replied “If boys will be boys, then, Angel will be Angel.”

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