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Alleged Organ Trafficking; More



The organ trafficking allegation on Nigerian Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife has remained a top trend in the new space.

More information has now been revealed concerning the saga.

Organ trafficking; Consultant Doctor refused to remove Vital Organs from the Victim

According to a Dailymail report, Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice, were reportedly exposed after the doctor who was supposed to remove the organ of a 15-year-old orphan discovered that the senator’s passport listed his age as 41.

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Ike, 60, and Beatrice Ekweremadu, 55, are accused of transporting the homeless boy from Nigeria to the United Kingdom in order to transplant his organs into their daughter, who is suffering from kidney failure.

Daily Mail reports that a consultant working in an NHS hospital refused to remove a vital organ from a teenager allegedly trafficked to London from the streets of Lagos by the former deputy president of the Nigerian Senate and his wife, a court has heard.

Alleged Organ Trafficking; Victim’s Passport said he was 41years old

What’s the real age of the victim? while some reports stated that the victim was 15years old, the doctor who was to perform the surgery said victim’s passport carried 41years as his age, according to Dailymail.

The doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in Camden became suspicious about whether the alleged victim was aware he was the kidney donor and whether he was 41 as his passport stated.

However, a picture of a Nigerian passport allegedly belonging to the victim has been circulating online.

If the information on the data page of the passport is anything to go by, then the boy is only 21years old.

Ukpo passport
Information page of the Nigerian passport allegedly belonging to the victim.

We cannot say for sure if the passport belongs to the victim in this case.

What the prosecutor Told the Court.

A court heard yesterday that the ’15-year-old’ boy was given the passport of a 41-year-old in order to enter the UK, but did not realize he was there to donate a kidney until he went to a hospital appointment in London.

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He had a series of medical appointments about kidney donation after arriving in the capital in February, but a consultant at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North London, allegedly became concerned about the boy’s true age and whether he knew he was there to donate an organ.

Prosecutor Damla Ayas told Uxbridge Magistrates Court yesterday: ‘The victim was 15. In Nigeria, he was approached by both defendants. He was homeless on the streets of Lagos. They deceived him and promised him a better life in the UK. He was given a passport for a 41-year-old. The passport was illegally obtained by these defendants.’

‘He was provided with a medical travel visa saying the purpose of the travel was to provide medical treatment for the defendants’ daughter who was undergoing dialysis in relation to a number of health issues.’It was premeditated, it was planned. Blood tests were obtained in Nigeria and he travelled to the UK in February this year.’

He was taken to several medical appointments in particular a medical appointment at the Royal Free Hospital and was spoken to by a consultant about the organ harvesting for a kidney transplant.

‘The consultant was concerned about his actual age and was concerned he was not aware he was the donor of the kidney. He only found out that the purpose of his visit was for an organ transplant when he visited the hospital’.

Ayas said Police were alerted to potential offences under modern slavery laws last month. Ekweremadu has been in the UK for at least the past fortnight having met with members of the Nigerian community in Britain in Lincoln around ten days ago.  

He tweeted: ‘It was a pleasure and an honour to receive a letter of appointment by the University of Lincoln, UK, as Visiting Professor of Corporate and International Linkages. I also got a highly treasured gift – a copy of the Magna Carta. It was created in 1215, about 807 years ago’.

They arrested the couple two days ago at Heathrow Airport as they attempted to board a plane to Turkey – where it was suggested that the procedure could take place – the court heard. Ekweremadu, 60, is said to have had £20,000 on him at the time of his arrest, according to prosecutors. 

The teenage boy is now under the care of safeguarding authorities and the Metropolitan Police, officials say. 

Ekweremadu and accountant wife Beatrice, 55, are charged with conspiracy to arrange or facilitate travel of another person with a view to exploitation, namely organ harvesting.

Prosecutor Damla Ayas said: ‘It is a conspiracy in relation to human trafficking offences for the purposes of organ harvesting.”

“The victim, in this case, is 15 years old’They the couple were interviewed at the police station. Both of the defendants have provided a prepared statement.’

“Mr. Ekweremadu in his prepared statement denied allegations of human trafficking.’He said at no stage has he arranged transport for anyone with intention to exploit them.’ 

“His wife similarly denied the allegations in her prepared statement, the court heard. 

“Allegations are nothing short of preposterous”- Defence Lawyer

Gavin Irwin, representing Ekweremadu, said: ‘There is no question this is a serious allegation. Mr Ekweremadu is a member of the senate in Nigeria.

‘He has previously held an even more senior role as deputy president of the senate.’He is a member of the bar in Nigeria. He is a principal in a law firm that bears his name.”

‘Those issues taken together go way beyond him being a person of good character…rather that he has led a blameless life as a public servant.’ 

Mr. Irwin added that the allegations were ‘nothing short of preposterous’. 

Antonia Gray, for Mrs Ekweremadu, said: ‘She has never been complicit or involved in any alleged illegal trafficking of any young person.”‘

She is a financial accountant…with an unblemished record.’ The couple have an address they could stay at in Willesden, northwest London, the court heard.”

“The prosecutor made an application to adjourn matters for 14 days. Ms. Ayas said: ‘In respect of these offences Attorney General consent is required and the Crown require 14 days for that to be obtained.’ “

Magistrate Lois Sheard said: ‘These are serious allegations and these matters are now adjourned until 7 July back here at Uxbridge.

The Ekweremadus are accused of ‘conspiring to arrange or facilitate the travel of another person for the purpose of exploitation….between 1 August 2021 and 5 May 2022 within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court.’

The Met’s Specialist Crime team launched the investigation after detectives were alerted to potential offences under modern slavery legislation in May 2022.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that the boy is safe and being cared for.

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