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“The good politician isn’t the one with many enemies. It is the one with the most number of friends.”- Abe



A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Senator Magnus Abe, has commended Governor Nyesom Wike for his developmental strides in Ogoniland.

Speaking at the weekend during the grand reception of Wike by the Ogoni ethnic nationality, Abe, who is a prominent indigene of Ogoni, said his people would remain grateful to the Governor.


Addressing the Governor, Abe said: “I am here today because you have helped my people, you have respected them. And for that reason not just because of the project, I am here today because I know that my presence will make you happy, and it will make our people happy.

“There will be a day we will talk more, but today we have gathered here to thank you, for what you have done for my people, for what you have done for us and the respect you have shown to my people.

“Somebody can give you the whole world yet does not respect you. Is that a good person? This is a gathering where if you are a true Ogoni, you can’ afford to be absent.

“If you are not here, Ogoni does not lose anything, you lose because Ogoni is here. We are gathered here to say thank you. The governor has helped us in so many ways.

“The good politician isn’t the one with many enemies. It is the one with the most number of friends.”

Abe said an average Ogoni person would rather commit suicide than become a slave, adding the Governor’s intervention in Ogoni was for the benefit of the entire country.

He said the Bodor-Bonny and the East-West roads of the Federal Government would benefit from the Sapenwa-Konor road built by Wike.

Speaking to Wike, he said: “They have made numerous requests before you, you are not just a friend. Our history goes back a long way. All the things we have done together we would not discuss it here.

“We came here to make you happy and to thank you for what you have done and the more you will do.

‘’I thank you for all the Ogoni people you have brought into your government giving them an opportunity to serve.

“If Governor Odili did not give me a chance I will not be known today, that same opportunity you have given to others. Those you have given the opportunity should serve our people well. Anyone, who help the Ogonis we will appreciate it, it does not matter the political party you belong to”.