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Young Man Found Dead In Hotel Swimming Pool In Akwa Ibom.



Ernest Akpan, a young Nigerian man, was discovered dead in a hotel swimming pool in Akwa Ibom State’s Eket Local Government Area.

According to reports, Ernest was with his friends at Tingles Lodge in Ikot Udoma, Eket, for an End of Year party on Friday, December 17.

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He was discovered dead in the swimming pool in the early hours of Saturday, December 18, according to reports.

In order to get answers, the deceased’s family demanded to see the hotel’s CCTV footage from that night.

Following the mysterious disappearance of CCTV footage from around 4:15am to around 5:58am, suspicion of murder replaced the earlier circulated news of drowning.

Following the news, family members took to social media to demand an investigation into the incident, claiming that the video had been tampered with.

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