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“When are you getting married?”; 10 Hilarious stories of what ladies have to say about being asked this question.



“When are you getting married?” “When are you bringing us drink?” “When are you bringing our inlaws to see us?” Questions like these have become a regular anthem in the mouths of parents, particularly those with young daughters. The Christmas and New Year holidays may have made things worse as many people may have travelled from far and near to go and spend time with their parents.

Many parents have a habit of putting their daughters under duress when it comes to marriage. They usually make it appear as if it’s the lady’s fault she isn’t married. These questions usually don’t go down well with ladies, and many of have devised ways of avoiding it.

“When are you getting married?” What ladies have to say

Stories have been told on various platforms about ladies going out of their way to “rent” men who will pose as suitors in order to prevent their parents from asking such questions. Some ladies have stated that they find it difficult to return home knowing full well that their parents will ask, “When are you getting married?”

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In a post on Facebook, ladies gathered to share their frustrations at being asked “when are you getting married?” See their stories;

Blessing Okra Wrote; Popsi bought car on the first of January when I called to say congratulations the next thing was your wedding car is ready when are you coming for introduction. I just couldn’t help but to say soon . Na so I end call.

Victoria Esin Wrote; “The pressure from my mom is the reason I didn’t travel for Xmas. Upon that she’s still calling to disturb me with marriage talk. For crying out loud I’m just 25.🤦🏾‍♀️ We will marry oo. Make Dem calm down with the pressure biko”

Maryiam Worlu wrote; “My dear it happen to me this morning o,i complained to my Aunty that the light in my sisters room is too bright she said ” this year is a year of prayer go and pray that you and your sister will be separated by marriage” Am single”.

Emma Sandra Wrote “My mom once told me to go get married so she would know how many children she is training in school. I was like “Ah! Mom so I’m now your burden?”😂😂😂. And my siblings including my elder bro at one corner shouting, “yes first daughters get married first”

Ijeoma Hope wrote “No need to paint words my mom said it to my face ” when will you get married, I laughed and said soon, she replied that’s what you said last year… Hmmm Oya find husband for me na she said is she the one finding my boyfriend for me😭 omo the next dey I jaba ohhh”

When are you getting married

Marynancy Asukwo wrote; “My own father called me to tell me that our family friend’s daughter who is my junior jst got married…. He was like….Mr Sunday’s first daughter the one u use to help his wife carry….the one u use to teach her assignment….the one that calls u Aunty meemee….yes she is now married o….I jst said u should know”

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Blessing Chiamaka Wrote; “Lolzzzzxx..
My big mumy was praying this morning
She said,God I have two single ladies for sale,may dis year Neva pass Dem
I opened my eyes 🙆🙆🙆🤣🤣

Blessing Clara Wrote; “Told my mum to choose any cloth of her choice for the I’m as She said she can only choose the one for my wedding. I just weak”

When are you getting married?
Responses to “when are you getting married”

Hannah Ugwu wrote; “Mine is even worst. Na to leave this village go back to where I come from very early tomorrow don dey my mind now shaa. My mum will even be like “u wey b Ada never marry, ur twin sis n last born don marry”. As if that wasn’t enough, I was playing with my twinie 4yr boy and last born kid, my mum was like, “if u marry born, na me n my meeting people I go carry come ur omugo” n my sisters were jubilating.💃 Am still confused if that’s a promise of love or what?🤔

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Idris Marinharm wrote; “If I cook ewedu, my mom will say, you should be in your husband’s house preparing this. She now end it with “ewedu yii yoo ganni”

When are you getting married?
When are you getting married?
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