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Two weeks after Camila Cabello’s breakup, Shawn Mendes Releases the Emotional ballad ‘It’ll Be Okay.’



Shawn Mendes, a Canadian singer and songwriter, released an emotional breakup ballad titled “It’ll Be Okay” on Wednesday, December 1.

The ballad was released exactly two weeks after he and his singer girlfriend, Camila Cabello, ended their two-year relationship.In the soft, piano-backed melancholy track, Mendes detailed the end of a turbulent relationship.

He sang “The future we dreamed of is fading to black.”

In the chorus, however, he transitions into a hopeful attitude of healing and acceptance as he repeatedly sings, “it’ll be okay.”

“If you tell me you’re leaving / I’ll make it easy / It’ll be okay / If we can’t stop the bleeding. We don’t have to fix it / We don’t have to stay / I will love you either way.”

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On Tuesday, November 30, the singer teased the song’s release, saying, “Are we going to make it? / Is this going to hurt?

“Mendes took to social media on the morning of the song’s release to share a photo of a sun illuminating a beach with an orange glow.

Camila and Mendes announced their split on social media on November 17 in a joint statement. Before they began dating in July 2019, the singers had been friends for several years.

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