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“The WILL not The WHEEL”; The Story of Dr. Judith Ejim, The Newest Doctor on Wheelchair.



Dr. Judith Ejim, The Newest Doctor on Wheelchair.

The internet space in Nigeria is currently filled with praises for Young Dr.Ejim Judith.

In case you do not know, Dr Ejim Chinazom Judith is a young lady who is physically challenged. The good news is that Judith didn’t allow the state of her limbs to stop her from achieving her dreams. She stood against all odds and achieved her dreams of becoming a medical doctor.

The news broke after Dr Ejim went to her Facebook page to celebrate herself and to thank God, after she became what she called “The Newest Doctor in a wheelchair”.

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According to her, her body may be disabled but her spirit obviously wasn’t disabled. Dr. Ejim used the medium to encourage other people who may have one form of physical disability or the other, telling them that the human spirit is an ability that can never be disabled.

In her words, “God did it, he sees the WILL not the WHEEL”.
“The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away. Therefore, don’t let your spirit be disabled. Thank you Lord for the battles you brought me over. Congratulations to the newest doctor in a wheelchair. Dr Ejim Chinazom Judith.MBBS.Nig.
I overcame.”

Ejim Celebrates herself on Facebook.

Nigerians on Facebook have also congratulated her for her the achievement. Many say it’s a good way to prove that there is no inability in “ThisAbility”.

Greg Simon Wrote “Congratulation to an Amazon Dr Ejim Judith You’re a great light to the disability community and mirror to the younger warriors to inspire them (us) to go for greater goals. This is a mark of New phase and higher glory. I pray for grace as you embark a fresh journey to your career.You’re indeed a practical display of ability beyond the “dis”Once more accept my congratulation warrior. @GSONE”

Chisome Ede wrote ‘I am super proud of you Dear Doctor Ejim Judith . You have always inspired me to be more.’.

From all of us at Earthsound, we say Congratulations to Judith Ejim.

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