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Porta Potty Dubai; Girls Eating Poo in Dubai for Money? (Video)



Portal Potty Dubai has been trending on the internet space for a while now. According to a new report, influencers are being paid to let wealthy men and camels p00p on them.

Many high-profile influencers have been paid exorbitant sums of money in the UAE to participate in the “Dubai Porta Potty” trend.
The influencers are reportedly given free flights to Dubai and preferential treatment in exchange for enduring dehumanizing activities such as being urinated on or eating human or camel poo.

One social media user claimed that a friend of theirs was summoned to a “Porta Potty” party at a secluded mansion while she was in the UAE and forced to do heinous things in exchange for $50,000.

They claimed: “The whole place was empty except for buckets and s€x toys.

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“The men came in and the girls were instructed to strip. She said she watched in horror as a German man walked over to a bucket and took a s*** before he hand-fed it to a girl.

“I’m just gonna list of all the things she said she did and or witnessed:

“One girl had the contents of the bucket stuffed up her.

“She ate a solid piece of s***.

“Girls had to slide across the floor on their stomachs, licking up s***.

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“There were human centipede actions.”

They went on to say that their friend was paid $50,000 for her trouble, but she left with the trauma.

They continued: “She went home and took a work sabbatical as well as intense therapy because the sight of anything brown and creamy triggered her.”

Girls eating P00, when did it start? Leaked Chat Exposed Girls willing to Eat Po0.

In a leaked chat from the Mummihood Facebook group, a desperate member expresses a desire to travel to Dubai and eat the sht of rich Arab men for money because her life in Ghana is no better than sht.

According to a report on yabaleft,this desperate slay queen, life has been extremely difficult for her, and it would be more profitable to eat the sh*t of rich Arab men for money than to struggle with poverty in Ghana.

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She begged the group’s administrator to help her connect with the former slay queen who revealed how she ate the sh*t of Arab men in Dubai for $30,000.

Looking at the content of the leaked chat, she is desperate to the extent that she wouldn’t mind eating the sh*t of Arab men for as low as Ghc5,000 to start a business in Ghana.

Porta Potty Dubai
Leaked Facebook Chat. (Source; Yabaleft)

Porta Potty Dubai; Social media Influencer confesses.

NattyHot, an Instagram influencer, dropped a bombshell about the lavish lives most female celebs live and the source that sponsors such expensive lifestyles.

According to the lady, most female celebrities do the most heinous things for money, but their fans are mostly ignorant about their lives and are unable to reap their benefits.

She claims that some of these female celebrities go on vacations outside of the country, but in reality, they are booked by rich men in the countries they visit to do the most disgusting things for money.

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She revealed that the majority of these female celebrities whom people admire and follow have their mouths filled with the feces of wealthy men in developed countries in exchange for money.

She also lamented on how ignorant fans tap into the blessings of these personalities especially after they have flaunted an asset they required from the money they received from doing these disgusting things.

Watch the Video here as posted by Ghgossips.

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