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Nigeria @ 61: Igbo will Continue to Engage FG on Grievances — Uzodimma



Nigeria @ 61: Igbo will Continue to Engage FG on Grievances — Uzodimma

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, stated on Friday that the people of the South East Zone would continue to engage the Federal Government on the region’s complaints.

Uzodimma said this in Owerri as part of the State’s Independence Day broadcast on October 1st.The governor stated that the Igbo will gain from a united country of justice and equity.

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He said: “For us in the South East, we should use the occasion of the Independence to re-evaluate the recent activities of our youths as they relate to our relationship with other Nigerians, our economic growth and our future aspirations. As a people who suffered the devastating consequences of a 30-month civil war, reason demands that we should be extremely circumspect in the pursuit of our agenda.

“I have said it repeatedly that we stand to benefit more in a united Nigeria where justice and equity define our group existence. As a people who are everywhere in Nigeria, we need to remain agents of consolidation, not division and destruction.

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“We cannot afford to suffer in our own country, by our actions or inactions, what our people are suffering in Ghana and other African countries. The benefits of hindsight and lessons of history demand that we should constructively engage the Federal Government on the need to address whatever grievances we have, be it injustice or marginalization.”

“But we may not be taken seriously if we continue to send out mixed signals. As our people say, it is easy to count the items left in the basket of a woman who falls twice on her way back from the market. Put differently, it is only a fool that allows the same stick to pluck his eyes twice. Let us put on our thinking caps.”

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