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Covid-19; Omicron Variant Now Virginia



Virginia has reported the first case of the coronavirus’s new omicron variant.

The detected sample came from an adult in the state’s northwest region who had never left the country but had traveled within the country during the exposure period, according to the state health department on Thursday.

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“We knew it was only a matter of time before we would record our first omicron infection in the commonwealth,” Dr. Norman Oliver, the state health commissioner, said in a statement, WTOP reported.

Last month, the omicron variant was discovered in Botswana and South Africa. According to public health officials, it is too early to make a comprehensive diagnosis of the omicron’s impact, but so far, its symptoms are mild.

The variant has been found in 21 states, including Maryland, which reported three cases last week.

The District of Columbia has yet to report an omicron infection.

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