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COVID-19; “How could you Believe that Someone with the Ideology of Population Reduction would produce a vaccine that would Save Your life?”-Pastor Chris. (Video)



The lead pastor of Christ Embassy world wide has continued on his skepticism about the effectiveness of the COVID 19 vaccine which has already been taken by many people worldwide.

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Pastor Chris Oyakilome made known his during the “Global day of Prayer” (a program organised by his church) Speaking during the program which was broadcast live on Tv, the loveworld pastor stated that he wasn’t still convinced that the Vaccine was effective.

According to him, vaccinated people could still contract the virus, vaccinated people could still transmit the virus and vaccinated people are still required to wear masks, so how effective was the vaccination?

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The pastor stated that some top scientists of the world has labelled the vaccine programe as a “genocide”.

Pastor Chris also alleged that the vaccine was made for population reduction. He spoke out tirelessly and asked his to think deeply. “How can you believe that someone with the ideology of population reduction would produce a vaccine to save your life?” he asked.

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