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Buhari’s Visit to Imo Greeted with Sit-At-Home.



Buhari's Visit to Imo Greeted with Sit-At-Home.

There was a high level of security at the airport when the President Muhammadu Buhari arrived at Owerri’s Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport today.

Online photo showing abandoned roads in Owerri following Sit-at-home.

The President, who was dressed in an Igbo native clothing, was greeted by some of the state’s elders.

While some people report and post pictures indicating that there was a ghost town in Owerri today, images from other online’s sources show large numbers of people at the venue where the president was welcomed.

President Buhari in Imo.

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On Saturday, Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma said that President Buhari would visit the state on Thursday.

Uzodinma indicated that he was going to Abuja to “handle certain political affairs and other essential ones in preparation for the president’s visit.”

Uzodinma had declared that while in Imo, the President will commission “important projects.”

He listed highways built with federal government/World Bank assistance and Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management (NEWMAP) programs.

“Imo has been able to garner more cooperation from Mr. President on the management of various ecological challenges in the state,” he stated.

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Speaking about the Anambra election, Hope Uzodinma projected that the All Progressives Congress (APC) would win the Anambra election.

The governor had asked residents of the state and the South-East to support the APC.

“Those who support the party at the centre will get both their rights and their privileges”, he had added.

Meanwhile, according to a report later rejected by the Indigenous People of Biafra, the organization protested Buhari’s visit to the state and advised locals to stay at home.

In a webcast on Monday evening, IPOB had declared Thursday a Sit-at-home protest in response to the president’s visit.

Chika Edoziem, an IPOB executive, revealed this on Monday.

According to IPOB, Nigeria’s president will not be “welcomed into Imo State, Biafra Land on Thursday, September 9, 2021.”

“All traditional rulers, all ndi iche, and every Biafran should stay away from any event organized by Hope Uzodimma to welcome him,” he said.

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Online reports indicate that residents of Owerri, the state capital complied fully with the directive initially given by IPOB.

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